Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Dear Warmongers: Re-assess your campaign

Didn't you feel a little blip of happiness when Herman Cain decided to 're-assess' his campaign? Admit it, you got that little thrill today, too, right, when Rick Perry announced he was heading back to Texas to 're-assess' his campaign. According to The Washington Post, "The Texas governor’s campaign blanketed the Iowa airwaves with more than $4.5 million in TV ads -- more than any other candidate -- but came in fifth place, garnering only 10 percent of the vote as of late Tuesday." Shucks.
And now, finally, Americans have begun to respond to the long and persistent pressure from so many of us who have been criticizing the military budget for being destructive, bloated and obese for so long. Secretary Panetta announced that the New Normal for the Pentagon will be One War at a Time.

Just go re-assess your campaigns, warmongers.

OK, maybe I'm counting my war profiteering cuts before they actually take place. We will see how it actually plays out, when the actual Republican RomneyNominee starts attacking Obama for being a wuss on war. We may see a total reversal, though that would be sort of like ebola, which doesn't spread far because it spreads so fast that it kills off its hosts before they can live long enough to move much among potential victims. So far, our Pentagon budget has been more like AIDS, a slower killer of the economy.

In the midst of all this, as the Taliban opens an office to thinkpeace in Qatar (OMG!), the warmongers must be getting nervous. The only way to keep profits at that ebola level--which, it seems, they are now addicted to--is hot war. If I were Iran, I'd start taking the US blufftalk more seriously. The war profiteers loved the two-war strategy and now that it may be an addiction that we will no longer support because it's killing us, they have to arrange their wars Just So. One at a time.

So, Iran, we hope you back off. You are dealing with some greed-crazed warmakers and every stupid move you make strengthens the likes of Rick "Loose Nukes" Santorum. Yikes. We continue to try to take away their powerful hold over the economy and our taxes, but we are only making slow progress. Please re-assess your campaign to get The Bomb. We know, we know--it's nuclear apartheid that Israel has them, the US has them, and you are not allowed. But the right thing to do is to get rid of all of them, not build more to 'even out' the evil.

Perhaps 2012 will be the year that the people finally get the governments under control. There are some promising signs. Let's keep up the pressure.

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