Monday, July 23, 2012

Resurrection of insurrection or secession

Last week, July 19, 2012, Congress overwhelmingly passed the 2013 Defense Authorization resolution, approving another $607 billion for a combination of 'base budget' and wars-in-progress. The execrable vote, 326-90, including almost every R and most Ds. One state showed up strongly in the minority, Oregon, with all reps except Greg Walden (R) voting against the monstrous pork barrel.
The 'process' to get this vote included some obscene pressure tactics, featuring a lopsided 'hearing' from war profiteers who all warned of dire disaster defense debacles if we the people don't fork over all our money to them. Congressional shenanigans don't get more Buck (McKeon, California R and Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, the tool who called the hearing) naked--and now normal--than that.

Time to leave. Time for Cascadia to secede from the US. The definition of Cascadia varies--some want all of Washington, Oregon, and northern California to just say goodbye, but I think Walden and his eastern Oregon district should stay where they belong, with the US, and I'm not too sure about Washington or northern California, except certain places.

We need a new nation, even a small one, even if we have to form our own parallel institutions (even anthems, and may there be many to choose from) to make it happen in various ways until it can happen legally and officially. There have been some bids for this and I hope they continue and get more organized. We can meet in our living room for the time being, I'm sure, but the idea's time is coming. I would like to be proud to pay my taxes and to be a citizen. I am proud in those senses in Portland and, for the most part, Oregon, but we should look for the exit from the corrupt US. They should not control the western part of Oregon, which should be an inclusive, nonviolent, ecologically sustainable peace nation.

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