Sunday, September 12, 2010

Military economic index: Peace conversion

Percent of US federal discretionary 2011 budget that goes to military: 52
Total 2011 federal discretionary budget, in $billions: 2,945
Total 2011 US military budget, in $billions: 1,398
2011 US military spending, excluding Veterans and other past war expenses, billions: $876

Jobs created per $billion spent on:
health care=12,883
mass transit=19,795

US unemployment rate: 9.6

Unemployed US workers, in millions: 14.9

Total 2009 world military spending, in $billions: 1,531

US percentage of world military spending: 46.5

Additional jobs created per $100 billion shift from military to:
health care=432,800
mass transit=1,024,000

Military budget, excluding VA and other non-DoD military, after shifts, in $billions: 476

Finally, what if just $100 billion more were shifted to creating minimum wage, high-benefit jobs for many remaining unemployed Americans? That would create at least 2 million more jobs, and a total of almost five million of the 15 million unemployed Americans would be back to work with a still-massive military budget of $376 billion, more than in 1998.

We need bold thinking, fast action and we need it now.

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