Saturday, December 04, 2010

Red Notice: Dick Cheney

Julian Assange embarrassed the US government, exposed the corruption and illegal violence in layer after layer of the war system, and peeled away the layers of obfuscation shielding some of the unsavory relationships amongst those who rule us.

That plus sex without a condom will get you a Red Notice from Interpol, the new laughingstock of law enforcement worldwide. They can't find Joseph Kony, who has abducted more than
30,000 children and displaced more than 1.6 million Ugandans, but since Kony has 60 "wives" and at least 42 children I would imagine it's safe to bet he has sex without a condom, so if Interpol would add that last charge they might be able to successfully conclude their long search.

Dick Cheney never used a condom when he raped Iraq and screwed the American people, so maybe Interpol could see about finding the architect of an illegal invasion that slaughtered thousands of civilians and ripped off more than $1.5 trillion from the US taxpayer.
The legions of US politicians who went along with Cheney and Bush are culpable too. These are elected officials who voted in favor of an invasion that they knew was illegal--the UN and IAEA were both clear that there were no WMD in Iraq and Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein loathed each other. Now they are pouncing on Wikileaks and on Assange, with Joe Lieberman muscling influence to force Amazon to yank server support and Hilary Clinton sending out edicts forbidding State Department staff from looking at the Wikileaks website even in their own homes.

Sigh. Julian Assange has been doing the investigative yeoman's work for the major media of the world for a while now, providing primary source material including video of US military murdering unarmed journalists and shooting children. He should get a Nobel, a Pulitzer, a Congressional Medal of Freedom, and an Academy Award. He should certainly have the gratitude of the media, who got this all for free when they failed to turn up much at all with their for-profit operations.

While the mainstream media has parroted the fiction of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other lethal liars for a long time, it would be overtaxing our imagination and suspension of disbelief to even attempt to write fiction this bizarre.

We owe Assange a great debt and we owe the world some apologies and reparations for the real, actual, lethal and costly crimes he has uncovered.

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