Sunday, January 14, 2007

Links to Oregonian items of interest

When we were arrested last Dec 12 at Gordon Smith's office, we had just finished reading Steve Duin's'column and were getting started on reading the Nuremberg Principles. I got a call from Duin and talked with him for a bit. Here is his blog on that event:

And do check out Dave Reinhard's column calling for real action on this war (he is known as the most rightwing of the Oregonian columnists, though I like him personally, even though he threw me out of the building once) ;)

Reinhard actually says in this column:

"Bush has put his presidency and our troops on the line. It's time for lawmakers to act as if our soldiers' lives depend on it, because they do. Capitol Hill worthies who think there's another way to win should say so, and be specific and realistic. Give us a plan. Those who believe we've lost or there's no way to win, should say so, too, and do something tangible to stop the way. Cut funding for the operation.
It's the only honorable course."


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