Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Smith's office, coffee and court

Today is the 23rd of January, 2007, and I began the morning by printing off some quarter-page flyers that describe our campaign to insist that Gordon Smith agree to vote no on any funding bill for Iraq until all our armed troops are out of that country and we are no longer threatening them.

Then I taught Peace and Conflict Studies for two hours, showing a short film on Gandhi's Salt March and campaign and giving a little quiz.

Then off to US Senator Smith's office in Portland, Oregon, where Rhoda Moore and Kerry Bassett were lobbying. Rhoda delivered a letter and we kibbitzed with Denise, the office receptionist.

Kerry took off for Whitefeather, where she and Darrel the Iraq Vet Against the War and Chris the Canadian Christian anarchist were hanging out. Rhoda and I went out for coffee and she left to return to work and I left to go get sentenced for my role in the Dec 12 Read-In at Smith's office. I will be doing 16 hours of community service, mostly raking leaves or picking up trash (in addition to the community service performed by offering resistance at Smith's office).

Now I'm heading out to teach Nonviolence for four hours. Another typical day in the life...

I sure hope folks sign up for lobbying Smith. Visit http://www.defundthewar.com/ or call 503 327 8250 or email
"Troy Horton" , thorton@walnutstreet.com, and sign up, please.

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