Saturday, January 06, 2007

Whitefeather House

Whitefeather Catholic Worker Community House is a peace, environmental and justice community in Portland, Oregon. I co-founded the house in October, 2005 and we have enjoyed the company here of several members and guests since then.

Whitefeather is a community that subscribes to the basic Dorothy Day philosophy of nonviolent resistance to the war system, hospitality, and creation of community. Our weakest mission is hospitality, our strongest mission is nonviolent resistance, and we try hard to make community.

From time-to-time we have an opening for another core community member, that is, someone who lives in one of our rooms and agrees to our house code of conduct:
  • we are a vegetarian house
  • we are an alcohol, cigaret, and drug-free home
  • we don't curse or yell in the house
  • we are nonviolent; no weapons, no violent behavior
  • we engage in nonviolent resistance (either as resisters or in support roles)
Core members help somewhat with the budget every month. If you are interested, kindly send an email to:

Our core members do nonviolent activism of some sort every day. Stay tuned to this blog for news of our campaigns and events, and for other thoughts on nonviolence.

May 2007 increase the peace.

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